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But Ive learned a lot. Like, it might not be possible to make something in America because the cost is too high, but even if somethings made in another country provided that company has good manufacturing practices, of course youre providing someone with work so that they can put food on the table for their kids. Its like those shows on Animal Planet: It sucks when the polar bear gets the seal, but the polar bears babies get to eat, you know? But yes, to answer your question, I definitely seek out ethical companies. I love that more and more companies are doing givebacks these days; some people say theyre just doing it for press, but I say, who cares? Who cares, as long as good, productive NGOs are receiving money to do great work? What are some of your favorite ethical fashion brands? I recently discovered this really comfy sweats brand called nPhilanthropy , which gives 10% of its proceeds to charities like Childrens Hospital Los Angeles and the ASPCA . And I really appreciated how designers like Rachel Comey and Kathleen Whitaker , during the Womens Marches , donated their sales that weekend in some cases, 100% of their sales!

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