The Emerging Options For Recognising Elements For Ball Gowns

Some girls may be able to afford a prom dress but not want to spend the money required to buy one, said senior Madeleine Seeley, who is president of the National Honor Society. With the blessing of the students, Terrill made a flyer and began spreading the word on Facebook. The dresses started rolling in, she said. As of March 19, they had 81 dresses with more to come. I have three or four in my closet Im never going to wear again, said Seeley, who plans to donate two prom dresses and two formal dresses worn while she was on a cruise. Senior Wren Wakeman brought in one from her eighth-grade graduation and some formal dresses that are now too small for her. Some of the dresses could be used for other occasions as well as prom, Wakeman said. The group wants to collect at least 100 dresses, Terrill said. My biggest fear is 200 people will show up, and Ill only have 100 dresses, said Terrill.

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