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The emails also disclose just how nervous top Clinton advisers were that Vice President Joe Biden might get into the race (Podesta himself was convinced he was getting in.) And they fretted about their own candidates limitations. Almost no one knows better [than] me that her instincts can be terrible, wrote one longtime Clinton aide. The Clinton campaign has refused to confirm the authenticityof the emails, which the U.S. intelligence community has said were leaked as the result of a Russian cyberattack . Here are six revealing highlights from the Podesta emails that provide a window into how the Clinton campaign operated when it thought (wrongly, as it turned out) nobody was looking. _____ (Email released by WikiLeaks) More On May 3, 2015, Hillary Clinton got alarmed. She had just read a New York Times story about how the Federal Election Commission was deadlocked cracking down on election abuse. Outside super-PACs were being bankrolled by billionaire donors, the Times reported. Prospective rivals, like Jeb Bush, were skirting finance laws by raising millions. That morning, Clinton forwarded the story to Podesta. In light of this predictable statement of the obvious, what do you suggest we do? she wrote. His response : The Clinton campaign should get cracking and ramp up its own outside super-PAC operation.

The number of people on the waiting list is increasing faster than the number of donors, even with the increases related to overdoses, said David Klassen, chief medical officer at the United Network for Organ Sharing , which tracks and manages organ donations in the United States. More than 5,600 people are on transplant waiting lists just at Gift of Life, the largest regional program in the country. Organs were recovered from 483 deceased donors last year, including 81 who died of drug-related causes. The trend is accelerating, however, with 78 of the region's 387 organ donors during the first nine months of 2016 the result of drug use. Those fatalities, categorized as drug intoxication, could involve any kind of drug, legal or not, including alcohol. But the overdose trends in recent years have been almost entirely driven by opioids although the increase in organ donations has far exceeded even the huge rises in drug death rates. No one knows why donation rates vary so much around the country. Drug overdose fatality rates differ substantially as well but the trends don't necessarily match. Hasz, of the Gift of Life program, speculated that "selection bias" might be involved in some regions. Here, he said, organs from people who were drug users had always been considered for donation, while they might not have been in some other regions.

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”Top.5..S..ust need to click on every newspapers' website link and then you will be gone in there main website. . Alaska-Daily-News. The American designer is beloved by the stars: among its loyal customers we find Sarah Jessica Parker, Eva Mendel, Kristin Stewart.  For weeklies, please see List of newspapers in Tennessee . Other Sunday broadsheets, including The Sunday Times, which tend to have a large amount of supplementary sections, have kept their larger sized format. Asbury Park Press Neptune, N.J. For weekly, monthly or university newspapers, see List of newspapers in Indiana .

If you or someone you love expecting a bundle of joy soon, there’s no reason to sacrifice the beautiful feeling.  In Audio & Video Equipment, Computers & Accessories Always thinking of our customers looking for ways to make projects ed security cameras at the best price possible without leaving aside the quality of each element of our facility.  Retrieved June 25, 2014. When you wash ข่าวด่วน down jackets need to know and follow some of the nuances that will help keep the product for many years in the same new and beautiful, as in the store. As a result, the fabric will soften, and it can, in practice, to ensure the stability of the dyes.  The paratroopers suit was designed to isolate the body from very low temperatures due to the altitude. Retrieved 28 March 2015. National daily newspapers' publish on every day except 25th December and Sunday, and there are also Sunday newspapers. You can find out all kind of on-line newspapers website links and details information with us.