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But a careful study of commercial media's behavior ever since August 18, 1996 - Day One of the series, the day the Internet broke the old system - shows that big media's seething resentment of what was then called the World Wide Web has been a constant subtext ever since. Any major investigative news story that would have been first to "go viral" would have very likely been met with the same kill-the-messenger response from the big three dailies. Gary Webb was simply the journalist who did it first, the pioneer, the father of all Internet journalism. The Washington Post, LA Times and NY Times weren't just lashing out at this story. They were hysterical that any story could suddenly win a national audience - and spark a national grassroots movement - without their permission. That the messenger had to be killed was mere consequence. The real game afoot was "Kill the Internet." And yes, the big media gatekeepers were so drunk with their illusion of power that they really believed they had the power to do that. Tellingly, in Jeff Leen's Washington Post essay last Friday, he quotes out of context from Webb's 1996 Dark Alliance series, yet without providing readers a link to read the whole thing. How is it that Leen still has that text eighteen years after its publication, and more than 17 years after the San Jose Mercury News disappeared it from its web site in a bid to censor it forevermore? Leen claims in his Washington Post essay that, "Before seeing the movie last week, I hadn't thought about Webb in a long time." But he was able to quote directly from the 18-year-old Dark Alliance series.

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One listed phone number for a business associated with Weirich went to a generic Google Voice voicemail; additional phone numbers listed for Weirich appeared to be disconnected. Over the course of Tuesday, Weirich's LinkedIn page and FamilyTreeNow profiles also became inaccessible to the public. Based on its internet history and public records, the company appears to be a few years old. One complaint about its living people database goes back to 2015, for instance. The site has a Twitter account and a Facebook page, but both appear to have been inactive for some time. Although FamilyTreeNow isn't unique, the timing of Brittain's warning about the site - along with the depth and accessibility of the information available there - really hit a nerve with a lot of people who saw it. One possible reason: "Twitter is a dangerous place right now for marginalized groups," Brittain said. She's seen it in the young-adult fiction community lately, where "women, minority groups, and marginalized people are targets of online abuse and threats almost daily, and this level of information could be particularly dangerous for them." "Perhaps," she said, "the software engineers didn't quite puzzle together the kind of monster they were creating." Brittain said that she'd gotten a lot of replies, particularly from people in their teens and early 20s expressing shock that it was even possible for people to access basic information like this. Her warning may have resonated, she guessed, because people are more on edge about online abuse right now.

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Deputy PM Muhammetkaly Abulgaziev said on state TV: "According to preliminary information, the plane crashed due to a pilot error." One witness, Baktygul Kurbatova, told local media: "I woke up because of a bright red light outside. I couldn't understand what was happening. "It turns out the ceiling and the walls were crashing on us. I was so scared but I managed to cover my son's face with my hands so that debris would not fall on him." Image copyright Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Image caption At least 15 houses were destroyed as the plane appeared to overshoot its landing Image copyright EPA Image caption The jet came down on the village of Dacha-Suu, an area popular for holiday homes Image copyright AFP Image caption There were initial reports that one crew member had survived but later reports merely spoke of one missing pilot Image copyright Reuters Image caption The plane came down shortly after 07:30 local time (01:30 GMT). Visibility was poor at the time because of fog Image copyright AP Image caption There were at least four people on board the plane, officials said. A number of people have been taken to hospital with injuries, with fears the death toll could rise Image copyright Reuters Image caption One witness told AFP news agency: "The plane crashed into the houses. It killed entire families. There's nothing left of the houses. Many people were sleeping" Image copyright Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Image caption Hundreds of rescuers are working at the scene. They were joined by Prime Minister Sooronbai Jeenbekov. President Almazbek Atambayev cancelled a visit to China, Kyrgyz media said Image copyright AFP Image caption Manas airport, the country's main international airport, has been closed Image copyright AP Image caption Kyrgyzstan has declared a day of national mourning for Tuesday Are you in the affected area?

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